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Charity Wanjiku Nyaga

I am a sister, daughter and friend, and also an aunty to two lovely twin girls (and several others out there). I am a firm believer in God and I draw my confidence from knowing that God’s got it…everything! I am a resilient girl who is never too shy to ask for help when needed.
I love to travel and explore the world, find peace and balance in running, make deep connections with cool humans and I love freshly brewed coffee. Whilst Forbes has recognized it too, I describe myself as a shining star and a work-in-progress all at the same time. Read up my thoughts on women in leadership and finding a place at the table here.

Architect and Project Manager


I am a motivated, results-focused, transformative Architect and Project Manager with expertise in all aspects of leading projects in the building, construction, and energy industries. Adept at facilities and design management, feasibility studies, BIM, mixed-use development and affordable housing concepts.
As an outstanding independent consultant, I also work in partnership with other thought leaders in the same fields to deliver projects that satisfy my clients. Confidently delivering projects on time, within budget and of high quality.

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A life-long learner
A life-long learner

I was eleven years old when I put my mind to the career I would ultimately follow. I did not know what it was called, I only knew its outputs – little paper model houses. I was skillful and confident using my hands, making play toys out of paper, mud, metal clothes hangers, torn slippers and whatever else I came…

My #40days2’40 journey
My #40days2’40 journey

Just before my 40th birthday, I embarked to observe the last 40 days in my 30s, with a hashtag #40days2’40. My thematic areas were Reflect.Cleanse.Prepare.Grow  I took time to share my reflections, learnings and growth strategies that I would give both my younger self and the person I want to become as I get into my 40s. My aim is…